SYSTEM -料金表-






20歳未満の方のご入場はお断りさせて頂きます。 ご来店の際は必ず顔写真付きの身分証をご持参、ご提示下さい。 お持ちでない方はご入場をお断りさせて頂きます。また、イベントによってはドレスコードが設定されている場合がございます。


運転免許証 / パスポート / 住民基本台帳カード (写真付きのみ) / 外国人登録証明書


健康保険証+銀行カード / 健康保険証+タスポ / 健康保険証+学生証 / 銀行カード+ 学生証




※当店の判断によりご入場頂けない場合もございます ※書類は有効期限内のものに限ります *学生証は手書き不可です。



※落し物や忘れ物等について落し物等の保管期間は、届出があった日より一ヶ月、フロントにて保管しております。お電話でのお問い合わせは 20:00 以降のご対応となります。






※当店はドレスコードを導入しております。 ジャージ・スウェット・タンクトップ・作業着・サンダルやクロックス等の軽装のお客様のご入場をお断りしております。



*ID check required for entry

Must be 20 years or older to enter. All customers are asked to present valid ID at the entrance. We will refuse entry if we cannot verify your identity. In some cases we may ask to present multiple forms of ID.


Driver's license / Passport / Basic Resident Registration Card (w/photo) / Alien Registration Card (Residence Card)


Health insurance card + bank card / Health insurance card + taspo / Health insurance card + student ID / Bank card + student ID

※Entry will not be permitted without proper identification.

※A Basic Resident Registration Card without a photo will require other forms of identification to be presented with it.

※Entry can be denied at the discretion of the staff.

※Only identification within its expiration date is valid.

※Handwritten student IDs are not an accepted form of identification.

*Please adhere to the dress code

※CLUB AMMONA enforces a dress code for its patrons. Persons wearing tracksuits, sweat suits, tank tops, work clothes, sandals, Crocs, and other such casual dress shall not be permitted entry. In addition, persons wearing clothes judged inappropriate by the staff shall not be permitted entry.

*Other guidelines

※Persons displaying visible tattoos (including paint and stickers) will not be permitted entry.

※CLUB AMMONA will not sell alcohol to patrons who came by car and are driving. Patrons who come by car and are driving will only be sold soft drinks. Thank you for your understanding.

※As CLUB AMMONA is an establishment that provides alcohol, behavior such as aggressive flirting, groping, and a sit-in protest are strictly prohibited.

※Valuables such as wallets, bags, etc., should be stored in lockers or kept on your person. CLUB AMMONA assumes no responsibility in the event of lost or stolen items.

※Found items are kept for a period of one month from the date of collection. These items are kept at the reception area. Please talk to the reception staff for further information. When contacting by phone, staff will be available after 7:00pm.

※In order to protect the privacy of our customers and the image rights of performing artists, unauthorized photography and filming inside of CLUB AMMONA is prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.

※Please do not bring in any food, drinks, or plastic bottles.

※Bringing in any drugs, regardless of their legal or illegal status, is strictly prohibited. In the event that such drugs are discovered, the police will be contacted immediately.

※CLUB AMMONA assumes no responsibility in the event of accidents and problems resulting in injury or fights Thank you for your understanding.